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Sep 2, 2008

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When selecting keywords for a new website is best to not target some highly competitive phrases because it will be very hard to get your new website listed in Google. It is best to use a variety of phrases to go after. If you are going after furniture then it will be best to go aftermore descriptive types of furniture like upholstered furniture, leather furniture, antique furniture, amish furniture, office furniture, etc.

This way it will be better to get the website listed in a variety of keyword phrases and would look more natural to the search engines. Never try to go after only one keyword. If you are trying to optimize for only one keyword it will look spammy and the search engines do not like it if you are trying to manipulate the search results.

Search engines do not like SEO. The search engines try to provide the most relevant results in their algorithm and do not like it when webmasters try to get their websites in the search results by manipulation. If as a webmaster you are trying to get your website listed then do not do anything that you think is trying to trick the search engines.

Using a variety of words that are related to your industry in your body copy and in your meta data. In your backlinks you will want to use these different variations as this will make it look more natural. As you use different variations of words instead of just one then it will not look like you are trying to shoot one target.

The goal of getting a website listed in the search engines is to write good content using different keyword phrases within your niche industry. Using different variations of furniture in this case in your links will look like a website is trying to offer good information on all types of information instead of solely targeting the coveted phrase “furniture”.

Make sure to use these keyword variations and synonyms to improve your website’s rankings in the search engines.

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